New members in the Learning Lab!

  With a heavy focus now on biology in the National Curriculum (with a particular emphasis on animal adaptation, classification and habitats) the Education team welcomed a range of new inhabitants into the Learning Lab. This allowed the Paultons team to create a new workshop and offer a memorable experience for visitors.  

New Forest Trot

Originally posted on The National Park Challenge 2016:
Route: Almost circular route from Lyndhurst to Burley, 26.26miles OK, so our original plan for this marathon did not quite happen as we wanted it but like anything science and outdoorsy, it is all about being flexible! Let me explain…. In addition to our Physics investigations throughout the…

Holy Holly!

Holly is well known and loved for its spiky evergreen leaves and bright red berries, and as a symbol of Christmas. In homage to the twelve days of Christmas, here’s twelve fascinating holly facts and activities that you can use on an outdoor walk or lesson.

Ingenious seeds, inquisitive minds

As the summer ends, many plants are preparing for the next generation and launching their offspring into the world. September is a great month to explore and investigate your school grounds and local wild space for different seed dispersal strategies. Flowering plants are called angiosperms, which translates to a ‘seed in a vessel’. They are … More Ingenious seeds, inquisitive minds

The UK’s Green Poet pays a visit to the New Forest

Martin Kiszko, the UK’s green poet inspires year 5 pupils from Beechwood Junior School at Testwood Lakes Nature Reserve, Totton At Testwood Lakes Nature Reserve in Totton, 60 year 5 pupils from Beechwood Junior School, Southampton have just taken part in a unique day of eco-challenges and a water-inspired poetry workshop. The children are right at … More The UK’s Green Poet pays a visit to the New Forest