360° of sky and sea

It’s a great tradition to march a group of students half way along Hurst Spit, come rain or shine. The experience of the wind in your face and trudging through shingle is a memorable one. So much so that the concept of a “depositional feature” or “longshore drift” will hopefully wedge in between those physical … More 360° of sky and sea

New Forest Trot

Originally posted on The National Park Challenge 2016:
Route: Almost circular route from Lyndhurst to Burley, 26.26miles OK, so our original plan for this marathon did not quite happen as we wanted it but like anything science and outdoorsy, it is all about being flexible! Let me explain…. In addition to our Physics investigations throughout the…

Drawing from Nature

  The personal benefits we can draw from nature are huge. I find nature itself an endless source of joy and inspiration for my teaching but more importantly in my life itself. Recently whilst quietly observing and sketching a robin that regularly visits my garden I became aware of its large keen eyes, the striking … More Drawing from Nature

Children discover local WW2 history when evacuated to Testwood Lakes

At Testwood Lakes Nature Reserve in Totton children can see genuine WW2 remains and artefacts and experience what life was like for an evacuee in the New Forest. Oakwood Primary School Year 3 children from Southampton have been studying their local history from the WW2 era this autumn term. To get some real ‘hands-on’ experience … More Children discover local WW2 history when evacuated to Testwood Lakes

The web weavers

Nature has many beautiful designs and amongst these the intricate beauty of a spider web glistening with dew in the early morning sun is a visual masterpiece. Late summer and early autumn is the best time to admire and study these amazing web designs as they can be found everywhere – gardens, fields and forests. … More The web weavers

Ingenious seeds, inquisitive minds

As the summer ends, many plants are preparing for the next generation and launching their offspring into the world. September is a great month to explore and investigate your school grounds and local wild space for different seed dispersal strategies. Flowering plants are called angiosperms, which translates to a ‘seed in a vessel’. They are … More Ingenious seeds, inquisitive minds