An unexpected encounter with some fascinating wildlife

Working from the unique location of Calshot Activities Centre, and taking many different groups into the New Forest, it is sometimes easy for us to forget all the stunning wildlife that surrounds us. Whilst on duty looking after our residential school groups it is not uncommon to be woken by the call of oystercatchers as … More An unexpected encounter with some fascinating wildlife

New members in the Learning Lab!

  With a heavy focus now on biology in the National Curriculum (with a particular emphasis on animal adaptation, classification and habitats) the Education team welcomed a range of new inhabitants into the Learning Lab. This allowed the Paultons team to create a new workshop and offer a memorable experience for visitors.  

Wildlife TV Treats

Happy 10th Birthday to the New Forest National Park. The traditions of the New Forest go back over 900 years, but we’re still proud to celebrate our 10th Anniversary as a National Park. Why not use this great local news to find out about the purposes of National Parks in the UK. As a special … More Wildlife TV Treats

The web weavers

Nature has many beautiful designs and amongst these the intricate beauty of a spider web glistening with dew in the early morning sun is a visual masterpiece. Late summer and early autumn is the best time to admire and study these amazing web designs as they can be found everywhere – gardens, fields and forests. … More The web weavers