Winter Wellbeing

When faced with damp playgrounds, grey skies and soggy winter coats, it’s easy to be discouraged from going outside to learn. The concept of relaxing and enjoying a view or exploring in the dirt can automatically seem less welcoming. So you might not believe me when I tell you the photo above was taken on … More Winter Wellbeing

New Forest Trot

Originally posted on The National Park Challenge 2016:
Route: Almost circular route from Lyndhurst to Burley, 26.26miles OK, so our original plan for this marathon did not quite happen as we wanted it but like anything science and outdoorsy, it is all about being flexible! Let me explain…. In addition to our Physics investigations throughout the…

Drawing from nature – nature journals

Creating a nature journal or field guide can be a richly rewarding experience. It is the perfect way to develop and record an understanding of the natural world around you by using observation, reflection, drawing and creative writing.  Traditionally, nature study journals were more of a scientific way to record observations, but they can also … More Drawing from nature – nature journals

New Forest Show’s Countryside Education Competition winners celebrate with a banquet

Originally posted on Hampshire Country Learning:
Year 5 and 6 pupils from Milford-On-Sea Primary School were so delighted to have won this year’s Countryside Education Competition that they picked all the fruit and vegetables in their school allotment and prepared a locally sourced feast to celebrate.  The pupils had visited Aubrey Farm at Keyhaven, Setley…

Snakes and adders

Snakes have often been historically described as ‘cold-blooded, venomous and evil’. Today however many people are fascinated by these intriguing creatures and a sighting of one of our native reptiles, which are in fact secretive and shy, can be very exciting. We can help develop this enthusiasm to educate and nurture a respect for snakes … More Snakes and adders