Drawing from Nature

  The personal benefits we can draw from nature are huge. I find nature itself an endless source of joy and inspiration for my teaching but more importantly in my life itself. Recently whilst quietly observing and sketching a robin that regularly visits my garden I became aware of its large keen eyes, the striking … More Drawing from Nature

Focus on ivy

At this time of year when deciduous trees and shrubs are only just beginning to bud, the glossy evergreen leaves of ivy and its tangle of climbing stems really stand out. Common ivy in fact provides a year-round place for a variety of creatures to hide, breed, feed and even hibernate. It is easy to … More Focus on ivy

The web weavers

Nature has many beautiful designs and amongst these the intricate beauty of a spider web glistening with dew in the early morning sun is a visual masterpiece. Late summer and early autumn is the best time to admire and study these amazing web designs as they can be found everywhere – gardens, fields and forests. … More The web weavers

Ingenious seeds, inquisitive minds

As the summer ends, many plants are preparing for the next generation and launching their offspring into the world. September is a great month to explore and investigate your school grounds and local wild space for different seed dispersal strategies. Flowering plants are called angiosperms, which translates to a ‘seed in a vessel’. They are … More Ingenious seeds, inquisitive minds

Look out for winning designs on local recycling lorries

It’s the culmination of this year’s anti-litter campaign and poster competition- giving young new forest residents their chance to spread the message to help protect the Forest. Students from primary and secondary schools across the district were invited to design a poster for New Forest District Council, working with the New Forest National Park Authority. … More Look out for winning designs on local recycling lorries

Encounters with a seven-spotted friend

For anyone working with children the word ‘minibeast’ needs no explaining – the world of invertebrate animals such as snails, woodlouse and centipedes holds a limitless fascination for children, and adults too! Minibeasts are therefore the perfect topic to study life cycles. Children are very familiar with how caterpillars change into butterflies but another four-stage … More Encounters with a seven-spotted friend

The UK’s Green Poet pays a visit to the New Forest

Martin Kiszko, the UK’s green poet inspires year 5 pupils from Beechwood Junior School at Testwood Lakes Nature Reserve, Totton At Testwood Lakes Nature Reserve in Totton, 60 year 5 pupils from Beechwood Junior School, Southampton have just taken part in a unique day of eco-challenges and a water-inspired poetry workshop. The children are right at … More The UK’s Green Poet pays a visit to the New Forest