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Remembering a journey

 ‘the most important reason for going to one place to another is to see what’s in between’
‘the most important reason for going to one place to another is to see what’s in between’

Everyone, especially children, love collecting mementos: special treasures that capture a moment and a memory. I’m always finding acorns, small stones and picked flower heads in my children’s coat pocket or in the bottom of a school bag. I confess to having my own favourite sea shells and pebbles displayed on the kitchen window shelf.

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Holy Holly!

Holly is well known and loved for its spiky evergreen leaves and bright red berries, and as a symbol of Christmas. In homage to the twelve days of Christmas, here’s twelve fascinating holly facts and activities that you can use on an outdoor walk or lesson. Continue reading Holy Holly!

“Jump like you’ve never jumped before!”

This challenge requires skill, fitness, speed and bravery…… and a fearless leap over a pit of crocodiles! (ahem…. Especially imported invisible ones that won’t affect the ecology of the New Forest- we promise!).

Despite knowing that when exploring the woods “simple is best”, it’s still surprising just how many parents were more worried than their children, and how many children wanted to play this simple balancing and jumping game again, and again… and again. Sound familiar? Continue reading “Jump like you’ve never jumped before!”

Would you go down to the woods today?

As the weather gets hotter and pupils are spending more time outdoors during and after school hours, it’s a great time to get them thinking about where and how they relax and play. Starting with an online survey for parents and children, the New Forest National Park Authority has been working in partnership with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, the National Trust and the Heritage Lottery Fund to research “Wild Play”- how young people use and feel about the local natural spaces they use, and if they do use them. Continue reading Would you go down to the woods today?