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360° of sky and sea

It’s a great tradition to march a group of students half way along Hurst Spit, come rain or shine. The experience of the wind in your face and trudging through shingle is a memorable one. So much so that the concept of a “depositional feature” or “longshore drift” will hopefully wedge in between those physical memories somewhere. I took the photo above on one such windy day, and if it seems odd, it’s because I used a THETA 360° camera to capture left, right, up, down and behind me. Continue reading 360° of sky and sea

Wildlife TV Treats

Happy 10th Birthday to the New Forest National Park. The traditions of the New Forest go back over 900 years, but we’re still proud to celebrate our 10th Anniversary as a National Park. Why not use this great local news to find out about the purposes of National Parks in the UK.

Simon King New Forest National Park Video 1As a special birthday treat, we’re delighted to share three short wildlife films presented by Simon King (of Springwatch and Big Cat Diary fame). They also make a handy introduction to three of the main habitats of the New Forest, especially if you’re planning some science and ecology work for next term. Or why not listen to Simon’s passionate, well informed commentary and try some persuasive writing of your own.

Simon said: “Ever since I was a child, the New Forest has held an unparalleled magic for me. The remarkable mix of ancient, natural and human history is a compelling cocktail for all lovers of the outdoors.”

Continue reading Wildlife TV Treats

A few words from the wise

Last Saturday we enjoyed a soggy yet inspiring morning of geography fieldwork at Hatchet Pond, with experts on hand to show us the links between the classroom and the workplace.

Hampshire Geographical Association teachers' day Outdoor ClassroomOver 20 staff and committee members from Hampshire Geographical Association were joined by professionals, Dr Naomi Ewald from the Freshwater Habitats Trust and Julie Melin-Stubbs from the New Forest Land Advice Service to discuss and discover the  opportunities offered by research in to diffuse pollution in the New Forest. The day was co-ordinated by education staff from New Forest National Park Authority, and involved a mixture of experts talks, practical surveying and water testing, and a chance to discuss and share ideas of how to use this case study in the classroom. Continue reading A few words from the wise

Trips by train to the river mouth

Last week St Luke’s Primary School from Sway took a sustainable school trip to Lymington Town and river mouth, putting their knowledge about rivers to the test in real life! Teachers from the school collaborated with staff from the New Forest National Park Authority to design a busy and practical half day visit. Continue reading Trips by train to the river mouth