Autumn already?

School term is looming, as are harvest assemblies, conker battles and fungi forays. The sudden arrival of school term makes you wonder why we expect a clear and definite line between summer and autumn, winter and spring. What curious questions could students ask about the mysterious science of phenology?

360° of sky and sea

It’s a great tradition to march a group of students half way along Hurst Spit, come rain or shine. The experience of the wind in your face and trudging through shingle is a memorable one. So much so that the concept of a “depositional feature” or “longshore drift” will hopefully wedge in between those physical … More 360° of sky and sea

Look out for winning designs on local recycling lorries

It’s the culmination of this year’s anti-litter campaign and poster competition- giving young new forest residents their chance to spread the message to help protect the Forest. Students from primary and secondary schools across the district were invited to design a poster for New Forest District Council, working with the New Forest National Park Authority. … More Look out for winning designs on local recycling lorries