A Paultons Park Review – By Wellow School (Year 5)

Following a visit to our recent ‘Science in the Park’ event; Evie, Esme and Grace from the brilliant Wellow School sent us this blog report.

Dino on Science day Paultons ParkStep into a park packed with fun rides, a park filled with wonders to enthral both big and small.   Paultons Park is a recipe using gallons of imagination, with excitement stirred in and a sprinkle of magic.   Leap into the colourful animated world of Peppa Pig with the younger children or transport older adventurers back in time to the land of the dinosaurs.  Watch out though! Keep behind the bars when Rex comes out for lunch –  you don’t want to be on the menu!

One of our favourite rides is ‘The Flight of the Pterosaur.’ Your stomach will feel like it is stuck in your throat as you whizz past the excited visitors below you. The speed of the ride will steal your breath away and you will scream with delight at the thrill of the ride. The realistic dinosaurs make you smile as they raise their heads and stare at you zooming past. When you visit, do not miss this thrilling opportunity to fly with the dinosaurs.


The Cobra is another one of our favourite rides. Your eyes will pop out as you scream with glee, speeding rapidly around each corner. As gravity pulls you fiercely round this amazing ride, your tummy bubbles with mini volcanoes just waiting to explode! A thrill ride for the whole family

We highly recommend the dinosaur ride for your little people! Bump along the track on your own little dinosaur. Grandpa Pig’s boats also provide lots of family fun – don`t forget to wave to Peppa and her friends!

Science in the Park Planetarium 2017

Recently, we were lucky enough to come with our school friends to a Science Day held by Paultons. These Science days are held every year for schools by the park and provide a fun but educational treat for everyone.  There was a super space activity where you went into a large inflatable dome and flew through the stars learning about the possibility of alien life and exploring constellations. The constellation of Medusa, with her snake hair amused us all although we’re not sure we can pick her out of the real night sky!!

IMG_1355We also had the interesting experience of meeting some unique, unusual and brilliant bugs! This workshop will have you falling on the floor with laughter as Erin asks for volunteers to dress up as the most original and funny looking insects you will ever see. Boys wearing fairy wings, girls wearing armour – what a muddle! If you think bugs are gross, this workshop will get you thinking again!

We would highly recommend Paultons Park for all ages  and people looking for a great day out. We enjoyed our phenomenal day and advise you to hassle your parents and teachers to take you there too!

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