Show the Love: Guest Blog

Show the Love and Collect Stories for the Tree Charter this February


The Woodland Trust are nearing the end of story gathering for the Tree Charter campaign! You have until the end of February 2017 to add your voice to the Charter for Trees, Woods and People to tell us why you value your trees and woods.

Therefore we are having one last big push until the end of February, and are working with The Climate Coalition, a Tree Charter partner organisation, to collect tree stories and raise awareness of the issues of climate change for trees. This year, the Climate Coalition is producing a special Tree Charter story gathering resource, as part of their wider campaign. You can take part with your school or community group. Why not run an event during the week 6-12th February? (although you can run an event at any time as long as we receive your tree story hearts by the end of February!).

Trees for Climate Change

Trees do so much for us Trees and woods lock up carbon, cool streets and rivers, clean the air and reduce flooding. Not only do are we collecting tree stories for the Tree Charter campaign, but we’re also celebrating our trees and helping people to realise what they’re losing.

‘For a start, woodland is the most cost effective and readily scalable form of carbon sequestration there is: a tree’s weight pretty much represents the amount of carbon dioxide it has removed from the atmosphere. Creating new woodland is the best way to reverse the effects of carbon emissions.’ Nick Atkinson, the Woodland Trust.


Show the Love

20170105_151820-copyThis February, we want you to craft messages about what you love and want to protect from climate change and display them on trees for all to see. These powerful displays of love will help us show how much every single person cares about climate change.

We have a free Tree Charter resource for you! It is a green heart in a cardboard template. Pop the heart out of the template, write your message about what you love about trees on the heart shape, and hang it on a tree.

Why not also use the cardboard template to take a photo of your favourite tree- simply take a photo through the frame and share it using #TreeCharter and #ShowTheLove.

Share all of the photos of your event using #TreeCharter and #showthelove. Then post the heart templates back to us by 28th February 2017 (to The Charter Team, The Woodland Trust, Kempton Way, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 6LL). We will be making a tree shape with all of the green heart messages which are sent back to us, before using your messages to contribute to the Charter for Trees, Woods and People. This will show the love for our trees and woods.

Email with your name, Charter Branch name (if applicable), address and number of people and we will send you a pack. You can download the instruction sheet below.

Show the Love and the Tree Charter

The Schools pack

Tweet any photos using #TreeCharter

We also want schools to get involved and collect tree charter stories for us! If you want a schools pack, you can download one from the Climate Coalition website (link below), but please let us know that you’re holding an event and send the heart templates back to us at The Charter Team, The Woodland Trust, Kempton Way, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 6LL.


Download now: A Schools pack for KS1 & KS2 children to make this a memorable and fun activity (please see below) (on our website the form is at the bottom of the page)

We will be using these story hearts to contribute to the Charter for Trees, Woods and People. Any school that sends in more than 100 hearts by 28th February 2017 will get a photo of our Tree Charter Love Tree.

Additional Resources

NFNPA would like to thank Sarah Rouse at the Woodland Trust for her contribution to our Blog. tree-charter-logo

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