Gear Up for Animal Magic

Thanks to @Parkdiscoverers for visiting and sharing your fantastic ideas for physics fieldwork. We can’t wait to see the resources when you get time to recover from your 12 marathons in every national park!

The National Park Challenge 2016

We saved most of our Science investigations for the day after our New Forest marathon. This was because we had agreed to meet with Helen Robinson, one of the New Forest’s Education Officers and her colleague Aynsley. Our meeting place for the day was the Forest Leisure Cycling Centre in Burley, where Luke had kindly agreed to loan Pam and I two bikes for a couple of hours to do some demonstrations. After meeting up with Helen and Aynsley, we picked up our bikes and rode along the road to one of the many cycle tracks. Pam and I really enjoyed the freedom of being on a bike again and letting our legs spin underneath us. The large comfy seats were much appreciated as our gluts were still screaming at us from our run the day before.

p1000100 Pam, Helen, Aynsley and I Enjoying Some Fun on the Bikes

Once we…

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