Paultons Park as a Topic ‘Hook’

Children from Redbridge School were keen to show us their ride ideas!
Children from Redbridge School were keen to show us their ride ideas!

Following on from a visit in September, we were pleased to hear that the children of Redbridge Primary School had enjoyed their visit so much that they had gone away to design and build their own rides for our new area ‘Lost Kingdom’.

Redbridge Primary School kicked off the start of term with a visit to Paultons Park to learn about physics and to introduce their new topic.

The students spend the whole morning with the Paultons Park Education Team, exploring a number of rides and the forces related to them. There was plenty of opportunities to ‘feel the force’ by riding some of the rides (which both children and staff enjoyed tremendously!) The workshop helped enhance the children’s knowledge of forces and how they affect the rides. They then spent the rest of the day with their teachers, enjoying more of the rides and attractions at the Park.

After 6 weeks of hard work, three lucky children came back to visit Paultons Park to show off their new rides and we had the difficult job of choosing an overall winner.

school tripThe rides were excellent! We were so impressed to see how the rides had been put together and how much precision and thought had gone into designing and creating them. Thought had been put into the restraint mechanisms (important for safety) and cams had been used to great effect to create spins and drops. As you can probably imagine, it was very difficult to choose an overall winner as the rides were all brilliant in different ways.paultons education visit

There was a spinning drop ride produced to scare even the bravest of riders; a dizzy-spell inducing dinosaur designed to make your head spin and a ride which dropped and spun in the dark!

It was far too difficult to choose an overall winner! All of the rides were great and it was clear to see that the children had thought really hard about their target audience. They also produced well designed and branded leaflets which gave lots of information about their rides. As we couldn’t choose a winner, we decided to award the finalists joint first place – great work Redbridge!

After the presentations, the children got to see how Lost Kingdom is coming together, and finished their time at the Park with a soaking on our Log Flume. paultons park learning

We really do enjoy seeing how a trip to Paultons Park is used as part of a class’s education topic and it’s always great to see how the children are able to use their visit to Paultons Park to help them with other areas of their learning. In this instance, clearly a lot of Science, DT, ICT, Art and Literacy work took place in order to create such brilliant learning outcomes.

To see how a trip to Paultons Park could be used as part of your class topic, please visit our website or follow us on twitter @paultonseducate

Lost Kingdom opens in Spring, 2016. For more details, please visit

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