Wild time and wild learning this summer

Just another walk in the woods, or wild learning? Many of the school visits we have led this term have included time to enjoy the forest in a more relaxed way. It makes it difficult to believe that we’ve worked with over 2300 students and pupils since Easter.

The most memorable experiences for us and for pupils this year, have been of playing pooh sticks, bouncing on the bog, stealthily creeping through the woods and finding tracks and signs left by deer. Even the teenagers agree! Each of these experiences that stick in the mind, acts like glue holding together memories of facts, figures and fieldwork in between. We heartily believe that learning never stops, and hope that many of our students will return as visitors in the summer, bringing their family and friends with them.

So if you’re a group leader, or mum or dad looking for ideas to keep children busy this summer, remember that wild time in the Forest doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or led by an expert. Why not try some of these?

  • Just walk. Take turns to choose whether to turn, left, right or straight on and leave yourself secret signs to find your way home.
  • Relax by the river. Find out what floats.
  • Stare at the clouds. play with photos, drawings, or make up your own names for the different types.
  • Spell with shadows. Can you plant sticks, or arrange teammates to spell your name in shadows cast on a sunny day?

Join the thousands of people who have pledged to “swap screen time for wild time”. If you’re stuck for ideas, or worried about what to do in the woods, get started by coming along to our free Wild Play Day at Anderwood on 19th August.

In the meantime, have a wild holiday!

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