John Muir Award at Woodlander Coppice

Woodlander Coppice has embarked on its first Introduction to Woodland Management Discovery John Muir Award to 8 secondary school pupils for 15 weeks. From this students will be selected for a two year programme of Introduction to Woodland Management 14-16 year old.

Woodlander are into their second year of Forest School for two local primary schools. This is primarily allowing children to express themselves within our natural setting to help build up their self esteem and gain confidence in their own abilities.


We are looking forward to welcoming a school of 100 year 6 pupils whose topic this year is ‘settlements’, hopefully they will have a fun interactive session involving Fire, Tools and Shelters.

For any information on Woodlander courses and sessions please contact or visit our website

3 thoughts on “John Muir Award at Woodlander Coppice

  1. This is an outstanding course for students to learn outside the classroom in an environment which gives them the opportunity to appreciate and experience a wonderful time in the forest

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