Home Lad, Home: The Story of Hampshire’s War Horses

Home Lad, Home is  a special exhibition at St Barbe Museum marking the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.

It follows horses from peacetime occupations to the Remount Depots and active service, as depicted in paintings by Lucy Kemp-Welch, Cecil Aldin, Lionel Edwards, Algernon Talmage, Lady Butler and Edwin Noble,  and reveals the contribution of horses to the war effort in a remarkable and moving story.

Prisoner of War, Edwin Noble, 1917
Prisoner of War, Edwin Noble, 1917

The exhibition also includes new work by resident artist James Aldridge, who was commissioned to respond critically to the art work and stories within the exhibition.

James Aldridge Art  for Home Lad Home

James Aldridge, 2014

This piece forms the focus for our creative and exploratory work with schools and groups visiting the exhibition as pupils and students are challenged to create their own creative response through mixed media and collage. To help participants engage personally with the exhibition, we begin the workshop by looking critically at 3 comparative pieces on display and use sketchbook techniques to record individual responses before building up a larger piece.

Home Lad Home Sketchbook
Sketchbook work at St Barbe Museum by a pupil from Oak Lodge Special Secondary School

The exhibition is open until 26th April at St Barbe Museum so there is still plenty of time for groups and schools to book a visit.

Also, showcased in the exhibition is the work of Art Award students at Priestland School, which includes visual and performance arts.

This youth arts element of the exhibition was developed in partnership wih the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton and includes a new play devised by the pupils with director, Chris Bennett, called All At War.  To watch the play, which is a great introduction for children and young people to the First World War, follow this link to Vimeo – All At War

Pupils from Priestland School taking part in a puppetry workshop at the Mayflower Theatre
Pupils from Priestland School taking part in a puppetry workshop at the Mayflower Theatre

As the play was inspired by the stage producation of War Horse, the students took part in puppetry workshops to help them build up their skills and understanding of the creative processes behind the show. These workshops are still available and are suitable for KS3, KS4 and Further Education.






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