Forestry Commission Reptile Centre success

The Forestry Commission’s Reptile Centre has hosted hundreds of visits over the last year, including school visits. Pupils have been able to learn about the reptiles living in the New Forest and to find out about the wildlife and habitats throughout the New Forest.

The Date with Nature Partneship’s Raptor Webcam at the site has been very popular with all visitors. They’ve been able to watch adults and chicks on the nest at close quarters and gain a greater insight into the behaviour of raptors and into the range of wildlife in the New Forest. Goshawks have been watched from Easter until the end of June and hobbies have been the focus of the webcam from June to late August. In 2013 both species raised broods successfully.
The Reptile Centre is an ideal starting point for schools’ self-guide visits to the New Forest or it can be part of a series of visits focusing on different aspects of the forest. There’s no charge for these visits but check the website for opening times

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